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Part # D2-75
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  • Propshaft kW/hp 53/72
  • Crankshaft kW/hp 55/75
  • Rated rpm 3000
  • No of cyl 4
  • Displacement litres/cui 2.2/134.2
    The compact and reliable D2-75 provides massive torque across the whole speed range for safe and easy manoeuvring, as well as reliable power for all your electrical needs. Still, the engine is really quiet, has low vibration and radically reduced exhaust emissions, making boating more comfortable than ever.

    The D2 series is developed primarily for sailboats, but is also suitable for smaller motorboats.

    Newly developed pistons and combustion chambers, an advanced combustion system combined with effective turbo and charge-air coolers keep exhaust emissions at a minimum. The D2-75 is a modern, low-emission engine that complies with the emission requirements introduced in the EU and USA as from 2006. Start-up and acceleration smoke is reduced to a minimum..

    Low rpm for high onboard comfort
    The D2-75 engines operate at low revs, giving excellent onboard comfort with low vibration and sound. The low rpm also makes it possible to use larger propellers, which, in turn, deliver higher output and a further reduction in vibrations.

    Powerful low-end torque
    The torque of the engines is high across the entire speed range. High torque where it is most needed means easy manoeuvring plus plenty of power to drive the boat in a strong head wind.

    115 A alternator
    Modern boats tend to carry more and more power consuming features such as navigators, autopilots, fridges, etc. The D2-75 features a powerful 115 A alternator with a built-in charging sensor as standard. Together, they provide high charging capacity for single and multiple battery banks. The powerful torque makes it possible to match the alternators for efficient charging right from idle speed.

    Freshwater cooling standard
    The D2-75 is fitted with freshwater cooling as standard. This optimises engine working temperatures for greater efficiency and reduced maintenance. The cooling channels are constantly flushed with protective fluids rather than corrosive salt water.

    Ready prepared hot water outlet allows for simple connection to a calorifier as part of a hot water system. Water heating is quick and efficient, thanks to the higher temperatures generated with a freshwater-cooled system, while the time and cost of calorifier installation are also reduced.

    Turbocharger and aftercooler
    The D2-75 is turbocharged with an exhaust-driven turbo compressor. The turbo is controlled by a wastegate valve and gives a considerably higher torque at low engine speed. The turbo also acts as an additional silencer both on the induction side and on the exhaust side.

    The aftercooler cools the compressed and heated air and raises its oxygen content so that the engine can burn the fuel more efficiently.

    Long service life, easy to service
    A Volvo Penta is often the chosen power source for charter boats, mostly because of its reliability and long service life in harsh, marine conditions.

    Some examples: To avoid galvanic corrosion, the engine is equipped with unique electrical isolation between engine and S-drive. The freshwater cooling reduces internal corrosion.

    The oil-change interval has been increased to 500 hrs. All service points are easy to access.

    Several choices of transmissions
    The choice of matched transmissions includes 8 degrees down angle, straight output and the saildrive. These options offer far greater scope for engine positioning and simplify the replacement of existing installations.

    The transmission features a built-in safety clutch to protect bearings and gears, and a mechanical cone clutch to ensure swift and easy shifting. A helical gear train gives smoother and quieter running and extends service life
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